B&T Marketing LLC announces an exciting addition to their already popular Australia travel site, http://ping.fm/5zV2Y This new addition is an Australian Business Directory – http://ping.fm/4Bq6v

Australiaadventures.com gets many requests each day to add companies to their site. This new Australian Business Directory will allow for companies to add and manage their site, description, location and a number of other exciting features. Visitors that are looking for recommended dive shops, tour guides etc. will have an easier time locating such companies.

This business directory will have a couple of flavors of listing options. They have a free listing on the business directory with a link exchange. There are also three other paid advertising options (silver, gold and platinum) These paid packages will allow for maximum exposure, both on the business directory and on australiaadventures.com. The directory will be accessible from a number of links off of Australiaadventures.com as well as directly at this link: http://ping.fm/xZmVU

Hundreds of companies are listed on AustraliaAdventures and this new directory will be a much better way of organizing and displaying all of these local businesses. Not only will those searching for guided tours, 4 wheeling adventures, etc. be able to find these locations easier, but businesses will have a much better way of displaying and advertising their company.

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Australia Adventures the leader in Australia tours just released – http://ping.fm/CH5k7

Twelve Apostles Australia Style

Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road

Are the 12 apostles just in the bible? Not when your in Australia. We talk more about this famous landmark http://bit.ly/acfmQb on Australia Adventures.

As you go down South-West Victoria’s coastline, or the Great Ocean Road. One of the many things to see is this famous landmark called the 12 apostles. The twelve apostles are really huge limestone formations. These formations jet out of the water in a unique way. Most likely you won’t be able to see all twelve at the same time. This will depend on your vantage point. And as it may seem, possibly a few of the twelve have eroded away.

These rock formation are awe inspiring and this Australian coastal highway includes many others like the London Bridge. For sure the twelve apostles are a must see. For more information on Australia tours or Australia adventures visit http://www.australiaadventures.com.

Australia Adventures - Queensland

Just came across an interesting article about drunk parrots, glowing gnat larvae and leathery fruit bats in Queensland http://bit.ly/7cvlYN.

The article states:”In Australia they have an expression, “pissed as a parrot”, and if you visit Cedar Creek winery on Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, you will find out why.

Thousands of parrots live there, and many, mostly rainbow lorikeets and king parrots, like to feed on grapes. Some of the fruit ferments on the vine and it goes straight to their heads. “They quite often start fighting each other,” says Bridget on the winery’s front desk. “That can go on for a while. They squawk and carry on. Crazy behaviour. Then they fall off the vines and go to sleep on the ground.” A typical evening out up northern Australia, then? Bridget doesn’t comment.

The winery doesn’t mind, though, and lets the parrots feed. Generous, but then they’re like that. They like nature. They’ve also tried to help out the local glow-worms. Not to be confused with fireflies, which are beetles, glow-worms are the larvae of gnats, and are found only in Australia and New Zealand. Tourists love them, and have been visiting Mount Tamborine’s national park to see them in such vast numbers that the insects got stressed and their colonies shrank. So in 2004 Cedar Creek built a glow-worm cave to divert the tourists. It started with just 100 glow-worms and now has 4,000, making it the largest colony anywhere in the world.”

On Australia Adventures you can read more about adventures in Queensland. Look here for other good articles – http://www.australiaadventures.com/brisbane.htm

Considering an Australia Adventure? Maybe you should consider a trip to Kangaroo Island. http://ping.fm/A6QnC

If you like beaches, adventure and wildlife this could be the kind of Australia adventure your looking for. It’s close enough you could make it a day adventure.

“Australia’s third largest island is still largely wilderness area which, at the same time, is close enough to South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, for a day’s excursion. It’s a haven for lovers of beach, bush and wildlife. http://ping.fm/PidJL

Drive down Fleurieu Peninsula all the way south to Cape Jervis where you can catch the ferry across the narrow Backstairs Passage to Kangaroo Island.

It’s a daytrip worth considering when you’re in Adelaide.”

This could be a perfect Australia Trip. To read more about a trip to Kangaroo Island check out http://ping.fm/hTdLT or http://ping.fm/dbuRj

AustraliaAdventures.com now has its own facebook page where fans can post pictures and tell their stories about their adventure in Australia.

Australia Adventures is focusing on the rugged adventures and fun activities to do while visiting Aussie Land. Just go to facebook.com/AustraliaAdventures to make your voice heard, or click this link:

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