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Top 10 Travel Adventures for 2010 – Desert walking in Australia on the Larapinta Trail. – http://ping.fm/LXYxR In a recent post on http://ping.fm/3Flkf it talks about the top 10 travel adventures for 2010. One of the top 10 is the Larapinta trail in Australia.

In the article they say,”Larapinta Trail in Australia’s Northern Territory.  “Classic outback country: dry, dramatic, lots of wildlife … the ‘dry’ component would normally make it unwalkable until the establishment of regular water tanks made it one of Australia’s best hikes.” – Tony Wheeler”

On http://www.australiaadventures.com we talk more about the Northern territory and the Larapinta Trail.   As we post on our site, “The Northern Territory offers numerous unique bushwalking experiences, both in the Red Centre and in The Top End. The former arid climate creates an environment that is surprisingly rich in fauna and flora, and its ancient rocks seem like the bones of the earth.”  Read more here and happy Australian Adventures! http://bit.ly/55EZKh

You can also find guide companies like http://www.treklarapinta.com.au that will help you through your adventure of the Larapinta Trail.


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